A Man trying to change his life

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Sorry it has been so long since I have Written
I have been trying as you might be able to tell to change my life for the better or for the better than now. I decided almost four months ago to quit smoking and that has worked like a charm. then four weeks ago yesterday I decided to get sober and it has worked for the most part I think I may have had three drinks in four weeks which I do not think is to terribly bad.

Now for the not so serious stuff. How do we go on living like there is nothing wrong in this world? Do we not see what is wrong or do we just ignore what is wrong? Still I am struggling with this, I know not where to go to get the right tools I need to make the best of my weblog. I am slowly learning html but some people have told me that I do not even need to bother learning that. So what do I do how do I where do I go for the information that I need to help me further the blogging expirence? Gregory

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