A Man trying to change his life

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I just returned from a trip basicallly following Ani DiFranco I went to her show Friday night in Columbia, MO and then I was suppose to go to her show Saturday night in Chicago but it was sold out so I decided to still go to the Ani show in Chicago or at least hang out in Chicago for the weekend. I walked by the Chicago theatre where she was playing and saw some people standing outside smoking and just for an instant I could have swore that I heard her playing but it was still too early Noe Venable was probably playing then. If you do not know who she is you really should check her out she is a wonderful musician Righteousbabe.com I do not think that you would regret by any means. Also there is a lot of other vary good musicians on that site. Unfortunately I did not get in to the show on Saturday but I still had fun up in Chicago nonetheless.

I even went up in the Sears Tower it was amazing, though, I was scared out of my gourd on the elevator. I get extremely claustophobic with people and there were about fifteen to twenty in the elevator together. Once I reached the top though I found stuff that I had no Idea about. I was half assly expecting just a big balcony to look out I did not know that they had stuff up there all about Chicago's history. The price really was not that bad either it was $10 and some change after taxes, but you could stay up there for hours if you really wanted to.

I also had to go to the Whole Foods Market which is a wonderful healthfood store and it is Huge . I also went to get my favourite coffe shoppe in the whole damn planet Peet's Coffee. I do not know what exactly about that coffee that I love more than any other but I definately do not mind driving four hours just to bring home a one pound bag of French Roast or Major dickenson's Blend. All I know is they have the best damn coffee!

I am desperately trying to finish either a couple of short stories that I have or this one background of a character for Vampire the Masquarade that I am turning into a book and get published. I having been also contemplating whether I want to pay someone to publish it for me or try and publish it myself. A really hard thing about publishing yourself is that you have to do all the publicity and everything yourself, but I am sure the pure pleasure you recieve from doing this will even out the frustration that goes into it. Time for me to go I have taken up enough of your valuable time already so if you would drop me a nice e-mail Gregory.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Well here it goes, I believe I am suppose to make some kind of New Year's resolution and all. So for me I just want to become a better all around person. This year I need to try to focus a little better on good goals to obtain; like becoming a better PCer and a better Guitarist. I also, desperately, need to become a better employee. I mean yeah I never calll off but I am late all the time and then I get kind of bitchy about certain things at work but I also get really depressed while I am there. At home I need to try to keep the place cleaner and I want to start getting things ready for this move that my girlfriend and I are thinking about doing. We are going to pick out some place in either Washington or Oregon and move there. In order, to try to start are lives over and be happy HAPPY DAMN IT!!!!!

But really how does one become a better PC user with out taking any classes or paying out the wazoo? I hope I find the answers I am searching for soon.

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