A Man trying to change his life

Friday, July 16, 2004

I realize it has been quite a while since my last post but if you would like to know what has been going on then check out my lj Cthulhu.  I believe you might enjoy it.  A lot has kind of been going on. 
I am still on this ongoing process of learning which I have had a slight bit of a problem with lately due to lack of concentration but I think all is starting to turn around.  Though I just read something in the paper the other day that is a little discouraging.   For me what I would really like to do is become a published author but, according to a newspaper article, there is a significant downfall in the amount of published reading among adults.  It seems more and more people are just reading what is going on on the ole internet instead of curling up with a book and I see some of advantages of that.  For instance, you do not have all the clutter of books being around all the time and we seem to spend so much time on computers anyway that it is a little more economical to read online then to actually buy a book or go to the library and check one out.  That is the thing that I have the most problem with though too.  I mean we as people in general are not taking enough time for ourselves really we would rather spend time on a computer than pick up a good book and curl up in bed and read.  I think it is because we are being fooled into thinking we must constantly be multitasking otherwise we are of little to no use.  Generally when one is on the computer they are not just focussed on one thing.  You might have music playing in the background or also whatching t.v. or video and IMing people all over the world.  Does anybody ever miss just sitting back and solely focussing on one object at a time?  I know I sure do so I have decided that I am going to try to spend a little more time just doing that.  Like reading a good book or spending time with my beautiful kitties or actually going outside and doing something fun.  That is not to say that being on the internet is not fun, it is so do not get me wrong, but I believe we are missing out on a lot in life by spending so much time on the ole computer nowadays.
Sorry I apologize I realize that was kind of long winded but it was just another rambling going on in my little head so that is all for now and talk to you all later.

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